Steamed Manila Clams with Chorizo in a Cilantro-Lime Broth


Steamed Manila Clams with Chorizo in a Cilantro-Lime Broth
Serves 2 People

Items You Will Need
1 1/2 Pounds             Manila Clam
2 Ounces                   Olive Oil
1 TBSP                      Chopped Shallots
2 Ounces                   White Wine (Dry – NO Chardonnay)
2 Ounces                   Fresh Lime Juice
2 Ounces                   Whole Butter (Softened)
1 tsp                          Chopped Cilantro
1 tsp                          Chives (Minced)
4 Ounces                   Chorizo (Mexican Chorizo)
1 TBSP                      Picked Cilantro Leaves

A great accompaniment with Steamed Clams is either a nice warm loaf of Sourdough Bread or some Crusty Garlic Bread for sopping up the juices.

    Directions To Make

  • Clean the clams in the sink with cold water.  Insure they are rinsed well, without soaking too long in the water.  You want to remove all of the possible sand that may be on the shells.
  • Begin cooking the Chorizo in a separate pan to render out the fat.  Once the Chorizo is cooked, strain with a small sieve to separate the fat and reserve the flavorful Chorizo on the side.
  • Heat a deep skillet or sauce pot over high heat and add the oil until it begins to ripple.
  • Add the rinsed clams to the skillet/pot and sear them, tossing for about 30 seconds to coat all the clams.
  • Add the shallots and gently toss again. Next add the White Wine and Lime Juice.
  • Cover the skillet/pot and allow the clams to cook for 3-4 minutes. (The Clams will begin to open, which is a sign they are almost finished)
  • Uncover and toss gently until all the clams appear opened.
  • Pour the clams and juice into a strainer with another pot or bowl to capture the juices.
  • Reserve the Clams on the side and add the juices back to the skillet/pot.
  • Bring back to a simmer and whisk in the soft Whole Butter until incorporated.
  • Lower the heat and gently stir the Chorizo into the broth and add the Chopped Cilantro and Chives. Turn off the heat and reserve.
    Steps to Plating

  • Gently place the Manila Clams into the serving bowl piling them nice and high.
  • Pour the juices and Chorizo from the skillet over and around the clams, insuring that you coat all the clams with the flavorful broth.
  • Finish the dish with the Cilantro Leaves.
  • NOTE: Bring an extra bowl to the table for the discard shells, along with the Warm Sourdough or Crusty Garlic Bread and a couple plates for sharing.

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