Smoked Trout Dip with Toasted Sourdough Crisps


Smoked Trout Dip with Toasted Sourdough Crisps
Serves 4-6 People
Great item for a snack or party

Items You Will Need
1 Pound Smoked Trout Fillets
2 Cups Mayonnaise
1 Cup Cream Cheese
1½ TBSP Prepared Horseradish
½ TBSP Lemon Juice
|½ TBSP Black Pepper

1 Cup Wild/Rustic Arugula or Spring Mix Lettuces (Lightly dress with olive oil and lemon juice)
5 Slices Grilled Sourdough Crisps* (thinly sliced, brush with olive oil and toasted in the oven)
½ Grilled Lemon
1 tsp Chopped Chives

*Crackers or pre-toasted brioche is a suitable substitute.

    Directions To Make

  • Place Mayonnaise, Cream Cheese, Horseradish and Lemon Juice in a food processor bowl.
  • Blend until well incorporated and smooth.  (Approximately 20-30 seconds)
  • With a thin knife, remove skin if necessary and break up the Trout Filets into small pieces.
  • Add about 2/3 of the trout into the Mayonnaise, Cream Cheese, Horseradish, and Lemon Juice mixture and blend until mixed.  (Approximately 10-15 seconds)
  • Scrape the edges occasionally and continue.
  • Add the remaining Trout and pulse the food processor about 5-6 times to break up the Trout pieces, leaving small chunks in the mixture.
  • Finally, give the mixture a couple of mixes by hand with a rubber spatula and place in the desired serving bowl.
  • Garnish with a small piece of Smoked Trout and Chives.
    Steps to Plating

  • Place the Smoked Trout dish to the right side of the plate.
  • Place the Salad towards the back of the plate, the Grilled Sourdough in front, then the Grilled Lemon in front of the bread.

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